2 night’s the Night: A showcase of new talent on the Costa del Sol

by / Tuesday, 20 March 2012 / Published in Tito Events

Every-so-often I meet with people trying to do a little something for the love and not for the money. This is one such local project that I’m pleased to be part of. I’ve been asked to guest DJ and consult for a series of events happening to showcase some of the unknown talent that exists here on the coast.  The night will include live bands, singers, DJs and any other upcoming talent we care to throw at ya.  An eclectic evening of fun with friends and a chance to discover something new.

From the event listing…

Maph Music LogoMaph Music Label‘ and Regale Music Tuition Presents: ‘2Nights the Night’…a night where up and coming and pro talent will be showcased from the Costa Del Sol

Regale Music Artists singing along with Guest DJs and more…… Live music with DJs and MCs till Late…In association with The Beat 106.1fm & The Black and White Charity of Fuengirola who we support!!

Date: Friday 6th April, 2012
Time: 9pm – 2am
Location: Vibe Bar, Las Cala de Mijas, Marbella, Spain 
Entry: Free

Artist Line up so Far!

Mr Maph (Soul/rnb/house)
2True (Aka Mr&Mrs Maph) (As above)
Simone Harding (Rnb & More)
Dario Band (Live Band) (Pop Rock, Soul and more)
Zoe Hughes (Pop, House, Ballads Queen)
Karin Sorief ( Ballad Queen)
Joy L. Shierning (Pop Rnb, Electronica)
Sam and Paul Mason (Vocal & Mc) (UKGarage)
Lauren Davis (UK Garage)
Black Gypsy (Flamenco Soul)
Tamia Soul (Soul/Reggae)
TX (Rnb/Gospel)
Jose Sousa (Dj Resident) (Latin, Deep Tech, and More!)
DJ Mathon (Funky House and more)
BeatBoy (Mc)
Sam Storm (Electro House and dance, pop rnb)
Jade Williamson( House, electonica)

Special Guest appearance from myself, Tito Pulpo.
Photography by Alex Mehrgan

Big Tunes on the night!
Music styles from House to RnB to Pop & Ballads, UK Garage, Electro and more…..

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