Since moving into the New Casa SOS, we’ve had and absolutely fantastic time with the neighbours.
As they’re having to moving onto houses new, I take the opportunity to have a little fond farewell on the show.

I listen to a hell of a lot of music and it’s not often I get a chance to share the full details of some of the music I come across. Thanks to Facebook and a certain member of Copyright (thanks for posting Gav) , this little number flew under my nose this afternoon. Classic

  Deep and Soulful House Music session…by Tito Pulpo Deep soulful house music radio podcast:  Live recording of radio show Tito Pulpo on SOS Radio “The Gospel According to Tito” Thursday 16th December 2010 This week saw my post birthday-show, return from Amsterdam (what a birthday pressie) and a fantastic turnout in the chatroom…

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Deep and Soulful House Music session…by Tito Pulpo Still recovering from my London Tour (and what a tour it was!!!!), I return this week with an energetic journey through different avenues of house. The entire set tonight (Thursday 21.10.10) was “off the cuff” and I had en extreme amount of fun (albeit tired from the