SOULDEEP: The Gospel according to Tito – 25 Jan 2013 (with Tracklist) A fun time in the “studio” for this show. Myself with Queen Danita and Eric “DA MAN” Fagan keeping me company and under control. This week’s show has a soulful yet deeper feel to it throughout. Got a taste of the real house

Why have one happy day when you can have many… Hello again internet family – Unfortunately, I’ve not done a full show for a few weeks now and I must apologise… First there was the fires we had here in Spain, which meant we had to abandon the show (boo), then I was away for

♥ I LOVE THURSDAYS ♥ Show #12-10 – The Gospel According to Tito Thank you all once again for tuning into my show. Whether it be the live show on a Thursday night or watching the recordings or downloading the MP3s then I’m glad you found me and I hope to entertain you…

LIVE deep soulful house music video mix There seems to have been a positive movement in the shape of all things musical with myself and SOS.  Music getting bolder, shows getting bigger and lots of news faces beginning to raise their heads as members of the SOS family…Guys…I salute you!  Thank you all for your

Nike Sparx – Special guest DJ and birthday session Greetings lovers of deep soulful house.  Every so often I try to get guest DJs on my show and this week I’ve managed to bag Mr Nike-Sparx who’s celebrated his birthday with us on show day. Show #12-06 – inc. Nike Sparx birthday session  – The