I’ve started making my own…it’s remix and production time Greeting once again ladies and gentlemen… In an effort to begin “wearing my heart on my sleeve” when it comes to my music I’ve decided to share this with you guys.  I’ve [finally] managed to sort out the schedule to now include some time to begin

More Deep Soulful House from Marbella in the Costa del Sol. The New Year isn’t so new now, but the weekly shows now on the FM airwaves, as well as online, continue to hopefully entertain you. In recent months I’ve been experimenting with the deeper sides of house as the crowd over here in Spain

The last day in May sees my first post for sometime.  The move to London has been a long and tiresome one but has taken me through some times that I would not swap…the good or the bad! It’s also interrupted this blog not to mention, the shows.  I shall be doing them as and when

SOULDEEP: The Gospel according to Tito – 25 Jan 2013 (with Tracklist) A fun time in the “studio” for this show. Myself with Queen Danita and Eric “DA MAN” Fagan keeping me company and under control. This week’s show has a soulful yet deeper feel to it throughout. Got a taste of the real house

Why have one happy day when you can have many… Hello again internet family – Unfortunately, I’ve not done a full show for a few weeks now and I must apologise… First there was the fires we had here in Spain, which meant we had to abandon the show (boo), then I was away for