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Another “sleepless elite” weekender

Weekend diary of a DJ – A “Sleepless Elite” weekend out!

I’ve been dubbed by a very good friend of mine as “The Sleepless Elite” mainly because of my lack of ability to sleep at weekends 🙂  This weekend is lining up to be yet another epic time full of deep soulful house music for my Sleepless Elite identity….

Living and being a DJ here on the south coast of Spain has given me some great opportunities and this weekend is certainly one of those times…. Read More

Deep Soulful House music: The Gospel According to Tito – Radio Show #11-25

The Gospel According to Tito – Radio Show #11-25
Deep Soulful House video/radio cast: recording of show broadcast live on SOS Radio on 15th July 2011.

Since moving into the New Casa SOS, we’ve had and absolutely fantastic time with the neighbours.
As they’re having to moving onto houses new, I take the opportunity to have a little fond farewell on the show.

Tracklist show Read More