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“In a nutshell, I live and breathe house music. In fact, music in general. Having grown up around such a variety of musical influences from my West Indian background such as reggae, soul and gospel, I’ve felt compelled and truly inspired to share that real heartfelt uplifting vibe that house music brings.” – Tito

Through the years I’ve moved through various roles throughout the music world. From sound engineer to producer to DJ and promoter; this experience gave me a perspective of the house music world from all different angles; giving me a fully rounded respect for every element that goes into the industry. 

Currently residing as a resident DJ on BeachGrooves Radio, Tito hosts a live show  5 days a week.

Born and raised in London, it wasn’t really until I moved to Spain that I really took the life-changing decision that would send me on an amazing journey for the better.

My music selection is undeniably “Tito”, the type of gospel influenced highly energetic stomping tracks truly are my musical home, you hear it, and you just know it’s a Tito mix. I have a seriously deep rooted connection and love for this music, it gives me such a good feeling I have no choice but to share it. My main aim is to bring that good feeling to others…I love it!


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