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I embarked on my musical journey in London, where my West Indian roots exposed me to a rich tapestry of sounds, including reggae, soul, and gospel. These diverse influences laid the groundwork for my deep connection with music, particularly house music.

Eventually, I moved to Marbella, Spain, a decision that marked a significant turning point in my career. In Marbella, I became a prominent figure in the local house music scene. My sets, known for their deep, soulful, and gospel-influenced beats, quickly gained popularity. I played at various esteemed venues and events, including regular gigs at Puente Romano and Victor's Beach Bar, as well as collaborations with many promotors, establishing myself as, I believe to be, a beloved DJ in the region.


My radio show, "The Gospel According to Tito," became a staple for house music enthusiasts, further solidifying my reputation. This show allowed me to share my passion for deep and soulful house music with a broader audience, both locally and internationally. Through the years, I've also been involved in music production and event promotion, adding to my versatile profile in the industry.

More recently, I've been focusing on expanding my international presence, playing gigs in places like Brazil and London, and working on syndicating my radio show over new channels. My journey has been one of constant evolution and growth, driven by my deep love for music and my desire to share it with others. As I continue to explore new horizons in the world of house music, I remain committed to creating unforgettable musical experiences for my audience.


"Welcome to my world, where the beats are deep and the vibes soulful. I'm DJ Tito Pulpo, and my journey through house music has been an exhilarating adventure of rhythm and soul. Recently, I've been weaving musical tales from Brazil to London and now back in the heart of Marbella's vibrant nightlife."

Recent Achievements:

"My recent travels have taken me to the energetic stages of Brazil, where I performed at seven different gigs, each pulsating with the unique energy of the crowd. The Christmas season saw me spinning at London's

Mi Casa es Su Casa, a whirlwind of festive beats and joy. Back in Marbella, I've secured new residencies, bringing my signature deep and soulful house blend to locals and travelers alike, infusing each night with a rhythm that resonates long after the last song."

Current Projects and Vision:

"As I continue my musical journey, I'm focusing on expanding my presence to international audiences. I'm excited about the syndication of my long-time radio show, 'The Gospel According to Tito,' to new channels soon to be announced. It's about taking the gospel of house music to every corner of the globe, connecting people across cultures through the power of music."

Services for Events:

"Whether it's a club night, a festival stage, a corporate event, or a private party, I bring a unique energy that transforms any space into a haven of beats and soul. My sets are not just about playing music; they're about creating experiences, memories that linger, and moments that unite us on the dance floor. So, let's make your next event not just an occasion, but a musical journey to remember."


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