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Tito Pulpo joins The BE eat FM - Spain

Back on the airwaves…

Greeting peeps,


Tito Pulpo joins The Beat FM - Spain

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post.  Massive life changes and just simply not having time have meant that this little blog of mine has been neglected.  Hopefully, this will be the start of bringing this little site back to life and bringing you more news from the Tito camp.  I’m now back in Spain (for those of you who knew I had left)…long story so I won’t bore you but I met some fantastic people while I was out there, as well as catching up with some long lost loved ones. But I’m back and ready to do some business…

First on the list is my re-appearance on the FM airwaves.  Again, circumstance has meant my online video show is on hold, but I now have the opportunity to hit the locals and have been given FM airtime.

Starting this Friday 13th September 2013 (lucky for some), I join the The Beat Spain – 106

I’ll be playing the usual uplifting house from the online shows, but bringing in more of a mix, incorporating house, jazz, nu jazz, disco, and a little bit of everything that will keep you smiling and get your weekend started on the right foot.

From time-to-time I’ll be bringing in guests from the musical world come come in and tell you guys what’s going on on the coast and hopefully help you plan a sweet sweet weekend.

Currently only available via FM (so you have to be in Spain) but working on bringing you and online experience so everyone can join in the fun…

I’m really looking forward to this little project of mine, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

This and every Friday evening from 8pm (CET) on The BeatFM – 106FM

Hasta luego…

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Hi, I'm DJ Tito Pulpo and this is my blog. I'm a deep soulful house music DJ / Promoter based in Marbella, Malaga, Spain and attempting to bring the joy that music brings me to friends and strangers alike. Available for club / radio hire around the world.

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