“Back That Shizzle Up!” – Show #11-12 – Deep soulful house music videocast

“Back That Shizzle Up!” – Show #11-12 – Deep soulful house music videocast

Tito Pulpo

April 8th, 2011

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Deep Soulful House Music podcast…by Tito Pulpo:

Thursday 7th April 2011

Show #11-12 – Back That Shizzle Up!

In remembrance of the approx 200GB of music (yes, that’s a lot) that I lost this week. A huge loss to my world and a massive dent in the spirit..

The show, however, must go on…

On Tuesday this week, I woke up to a server crash.  The piece of computer kit that housed the majority of my music had thrown a wobbler and that dreaded “blue screen of death” greeted me with an evil grin.  No worries..reboot.

On reboot,  TWO harddisks supposedly full of music are now telling me that they have no data.  Not what I want to hear.  A quick scout around does indeed confirm the fact that I have suffered from severe data loss.  A lot of music had gone and it turns out that it’s the only copy I have of a lot of it.

Data restore at hand has at least restored some 30GB of it…let’s see what the rest of the recovery turns up…

This week’s show in two parts takes a little experiments journey through avenues of deep and soulful house.  The second section is a rare session of me playing a much more laid back approach to deep soulful house; a side that rarely comes out but always a pleasure to hear…

ENJOY THE SHOW and remember folks…


Part 1

And the continued mellow session…



1. Can’t Stop (Wahoo Club Mix) – Kings Of Tomorrow Feat. Rae
2. I Am Forgiven (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix) Inaya Day
3. Message For The DJ (Jimpster Remix) – Delano Smith
4. So Let The Wind Come (Tomo Edit) – Kerri Chandler
5. Sublim3 – Soul Purpose
6. Change (Jask Thaisoul Mix) – Halo & Atwater feat. Mr. V
7. When In Rome – The Realm
8. Carino – Greg Wilson’s Re-Edit – T-Coy
9. Daytona Race (Adrian Bahil Mix) – Miss Luna feat. Eugenio Canavate
10. Stop Playing with My Mind (Whiplash and Turner Vocal Mix) – Barbara Tucker Feat. Darryl D’bonneau
11. Rejoyce (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix) – Sakura & Co. feat. Sharon Brown Adams
12. Race of Survival (Vocal) – Mekkah
13. ????
14. The Way (Samba Mix) – Mr. Ali  Feat. Carla Prather
15. ???
16. Gotta Make It Right (Groove Assassin Slam Dub) – Groove Assassin And Pete Simpson
Sorry, but that’s as far as I got with the tracklist – Hope you enjoyed it – If you want a particular track naem I shall do my best to find it for you

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