DJ for hire on the Costa del Sol 

Available for bookings, locally and internationally.

DJ or hire

Hi, this is me, DJ Tito Pulpo, and I am available for DJ hire.

Specialising in deep soulful house, soul, reggae, funk, 70’s disco I feel my love of music as well as a specialised collection is ready to bring an uplifting, fun vibe to your event.  Available for private parties, weddings, corporate events as well as big club events, bars and restaurants; anywhere that an uplifting party vibe could be required.

Having played at a wide variety of events and venues here on the coast and in the UK as well as organising my own parties under my various brands including Save Our Soul ( and “La Casa de Stomp”, I also have a daily (weekday) radio show on the first major house music radio station here on the coast, BeachGrooves Radio.  With my broad experience of people and music, I feel I have the knowledge and understanding to supply the right music at the right time for any event.

What you get.

Depending on your requirements there are a number of options at your disposal:

Meet with clients to discuss options before the event (standard and free)

Upon receipt of your inquiry I will contact you to discuss your requirements further.  It doesn’t serve me or my clients any justice if primarily, the music selection is not correct on the night.   I like to preview the venue to make sure of layout, equipment requirements e.t.c. but more importantly I like to discuss the event with clients beforehand to better get a fuller understanding of what is required.  As well as avoiding unnecessary upset at event time, this gives me a chance to get to know my clients on a more personal level so that I am better able and equipped to give you the best service possible…not just “play music”

DJ Only (no equipment)

Some event organisers (be it your own birthday party your putting together for you and friends, a “surprise” party for a loved one or a corporate event promoting your business or product) already have access to their own  sound and light equipment.  For this scenario I offer a DJ Hire only service, which essentially means I turn up at the event as agreed on the night with my music and supply the musical entertainment for the evening.  All prices and rates can be discussed at time of inquiry as there are many factors that can determine the final cost.  Please note in this package, No audio/visual equipment is supplied.

DJ and equipment

For those without access to equipment, we also offer a “DJ, sound and light” package.  I cater packages supply DJ(s), lighting equipment, smoke machines, lasers e.t.c.  It’s perfect for anyone just wanting to leave all the music organisation in one manageable place.  As before, I discuss your requirements and create a package to your needs.

Sound and lighting (Audio/visual equipment only)

If you already have your musical maestro organised, we can also fulfil your equipment needs, supplying sound systems, PA equipment and visual effects for your event…of any size.  I work with a small but specialised number of AV suppliers and can find you the best equipment for your budget to make your event seen and heard the way it should be.

So, if you’re planning an event and have music in mind, then I can help. DJ hire can be complicated, but shouldn’t be. If you are unsure about any aspect then I’m here to help.

Please feel free to contact me using the enquiry form below.  Many thanks and best of luck with your event plans.  Have fun!