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Soulful house | Butterflies – Zepherin Saint, Miranda Cole  – Out on Tribe Records

Soulful house | Butterflies – Zepherin Saint, Miranda Cole – Out on Tribe Records

Tito Pulpo

August 6th, 2018

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I very recently came across this little beauty of a soulful house track.  An absolute blend of this sweet music I know and love.  Featuring the vocals of Miranda Nicole, Butterflies encompasses the pure essence of  soulful house on different levels. A great collection of musicians and producers behind this one and worth checking out.

British producer Zepherin Saint has always been a man with a fierce passion for quality-strewn, vocal heavy deep house. A thoroughly captivating affair throughout, ‘Butterflies’ sees the producer return to his Tribe Records imprint alongside regular vocal collaborator, Miranda Nicole.

Kicking off the release is the ‘Tribe Vocal Mix’- full of hazy, fuzzy sounds that play out beautifully. A refined house cut, it’s made all the more mesmerising by Nicole’s sultry vocal contribution. A perfect foil to Zepherin Saint’s beats, the coming together of both is truly a joy to behold. Bolstering the latter is a live mix, as well as an instrumental version, named here as the ’Tribestrumental’ offering.

Zepherin Saint is a truly exciting artist and one whose stock continues to rise thanks to his infectious-sounding, afro-tinged house sound.

Artist: Zepherin Saint & Miranda Nicole
Title: Butterflies
Written by: Miranda Nicole, Damian Smith, Dean Zepherin
Produced by: Dean Zepherin
Vocals Performed And Arranged by: Miranda Nicole
Keys by: Damian Smith
Guitar by: Mickey Chan
Horns by: Sean Corby and John Enright
Published by: Tribe Music Publishing & My Soulmate Songs LLC
Mixed by: Matt Bandy at Earthworks Studio
Mastering by: Walter Coelho at Walter Coelho
►Tribe Records
TRIBE169 | 2018-07-20


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