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Can they be trusted?

I recently read an article written by DJ Andy Ward about the possibility of promotional music hosting websites (and in this respect, any service hosting website) inflating or “falsifying” it’s visitor numbers to get more money out of you.  For example, some services will charge you a premium depending on the amount of “plays” you get from site visitors or number/size of mixes you host with them.  The more visitors you recieve, the more of a premium you pay!

While I agree with him in principle about the falsely inflated numbers floating around the internet (a  lot of it is a sham),  I’m not sure about the companies, particular the major ones,  inflating visitor numbers to get more money out of you (although it would be an easy scam to pull).

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New release: Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams – New Me (Solid Ground Recordings)

Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams – “New Me”

(Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)

Solid Ground Recordings - small logo

Every so often you come across a track and hear a few bars of it and can’t wait to play it…This is one such track.  Whilst checking out last week’s edition of Scott Whichello’s “Soulful Evolution Show ” this little blinder started off the session..What a way to start.

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So you want to become a DJ? Things to think about…

Tito Pulpo - All Back to ours party - Brickhouse - London Oct 2010

There’s been  a lot of talk recently of new upcoming, soon-to-be-discovered “DJ Rockstars” with the announcement that Simon Cowell and Will Smith are teaming up to produce a DJ competition TV show. The “X-Factor” style showdown will set out to scour the Earth and find the new DJing talent of the future.

While the initial thought of this repulses me I can’t help but wonder how the hell they’re gonna play this one out.  There’ll no doubt be a flood of upcoming wannabees jostling for the hotspot of SuperstarDJ-dom under the guise of  wanting to become a DJ.  But do these Super Star DJ wannabees really have what it takes to become a DJ?  Let’s ask a few questions… Read More

Defected Records - I need to love me

Review: Kings Of Tomorrow Featuring April – I Need To Love Me

Kings Of Tomorrow Featuring April – I Need To Love Me

Defected Records - I need to love meEvery-so-often I get round to doing a little write up about a track I’ve enjoyed recently. This is the next installment. ladies and gentlemen…Not sure how I came by this track but this is true Kings of Tomorrow in style.

Sandy Rivera, a long time respected DJ and producer has got together again with April to bring you this stunning track. A magnificent club track with depth and style, this track pleases the ear from start to finish.
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