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I’ve started making my own…it’s remix and production time

Greeting once again ladies and gentlemen…tp-icon

In an effort to begin “wearing my heart on my sleeve” when it comes to my music I’ve decided to share this with you guys.  I’ve [finally] managed to sort out the schedule to now include some time to begin remixing/music production.  With very little knowledge of what is fully required in production I have armed myself with a copy of Ableton and taking the first step on the path of producing or remixing some of the music I know and love.  With limited sounds and effects (I NEED MORE) I have come up with this…

I’ve started with a wonderful piece of gospel house…those that know me will know this is the music I know and love…uplifting and positive.  This first effort is a result of a few nights work and absolutely no knowledge of Ableton.  Starting from the ground up and trying to figure what the hell is going on on my screen I thought I’d send out this first effort.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is absolutely no mastering done on this track at the moment.  It still needs a lot of work in my opinion both in sound and arrangement but as I said earlier…it’s heart on sleeve time.  Any / all comments are welcome…it will aid my growth;)

Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. SuSu Bobien – Wondrous (Tito Pulpo’s “Glorious” edit)

Thanks and respect

HUGE thanks to DJ Keef Luv for the time he’s spent listening to my start on this musical trail and the input into the track,  the hints n tips being thrown to me from time-to-time and well as the bass section…AIIIT…YOU’RE A LEGEND!

Also big props to Danny Clark and Jay Benham over at Solid Ground recordings for the original release of this track…Some serious music coming out of that camp.  There are various versions out there including the DJ Spen remix (which inspired me to do this) and some more love going to SuSu Bobien for the SUPERB vocals…that woman can SING, trust me.

As I said, there’s still a lot of work left to do on this and the limited knowledge will only serve to adding to that time but I’m sure the time will arm me with the knowledge necessary.

Many DJs have taken the step into production and I am no exception…it seems to be a natural progression for those that love music!

I hope you enjoy the track…tell me it’s good, tell me it’s bad..but please tell me…looking for all the help I can get.