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SOULFRO ARTWORK - A mix by Tito Pulpo, Marbella

TITO:SOULFRO | A soulful afro house mix for a sunny afternoon

SOULFRO | A soulful afro house mix


It’s been a while since I’ve done a publicly available mix so I thought I’d put one out.  This little selection includes some relatively new music within the genres of soulful and afro house (and a little bit of other stuff throw in between.  Feel free to comment or share, but most importantly I hope you enjoy.

1. Linda Clifford (Accapella)
2. Love Symphonik by Mike Steva
3. Struggle (Franky Rizardo Sunset mix) by Tinush
4. Butterflies (Tribe vocal mix) by Miranda Nicole, Zepherin Saint
6. Love Is In The Air (Giom remix) by Zaki, Joseph Chisanga
7. Dance Of The Tribes by Caprivian
8. Serenata by Santiago Garcia
9. You Are Everything (Morales Kings Of House Nyc mix) by Louie Vega Starring Jocelyn Brown
10. Breath Of The Souls by Newman
11. Finding All Your Love (Black Loops remix) by Scruscru
12. Feeling Into You (original mix) by Zaven
13. Aftermath by Traumhouse
14. I Don’t Know Why (feat Beverlei Brown – Manoo remix) by Dave Anthony

Dedicated to Loreto…mi vida.

SOULFRO ARTWORK - A mix by Tito Pulpo, Marbella

Album art: http://www.elife242.com/supportthepuff-bahamians/