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Sylt, Marbella - Beach bar - Chiringuito

Checking out…Sylt Beach Bar, Marbella

One of the joys about running events is getting to do this; going to a beach bar, sitting “ON THE BEACH” and enjoying a beer (or two), all in the name of “work”. Today is no exception.

I’ve come today to visit a bar I first saw last year at the opening party of a local radio station, Beachgrooves (www.beachgrooves.com). I arrived at the party expecting to “show face” and spend half an hour there…4 hours later I was still there trying (in vain but not with too much effort) to drag my sorry self away.  A very enjoyable event.  Anyway, enough about that, on to the bar.

The bar is beautifully located on the coast with 180 degree panoramic views of the sublime Mediterranean sea.  On arriving here to check it out, the bar is slightly smaller than I remembered from last year but still holds it’s laid back vibe and serenity. So far, looking good.

It’s a typical churinguito (beach bar) but with a little extra added style . Simple in it’s layout but totally relaxed, comfortable and, very important for me, clean.

Location wise, there seems to be very few residential properties around making the opportunity of “beach music” possible.  We shall see if this ans out…

Opening hours are 11am til 9pm