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Copyright: An interview with…


Gavin Mills


Sam Holt






Here’s a little interview I came across by two of  (dare I say it) the World’s biggest producers in their genre – Copyright. Dudes of Defected Records and two very very nice blokes (I can say that having met them personally :))

Seasoned DJs and producers amongst you will relate to a lot of this….

Grab a cuppa, sit back and grab a little perspective from two of the industry’s finest…Ladies and gentlemen, Sam Holt and Gavin Mills…AKA, Copyright 🙂

“The fourth episode of the “On’Off Talks” series greet the UK production duo that have emerged from the shadowy streets beneath the grey skies of London to beam rays of 4/4 happiness directly into the gratefully exultant faces of clubbers around the globe. Meet Copyright.

We’re thrilled to share with you the awesome talk we had with them.

Host of the event: Queen’s Club (www.queens-club.ro)
Recorded in Iasi, Romania, in January 2012 for http://www.onoffdjschool.ro

With love,
Luno Studio

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