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Deep Soulful House music: The Gospel According to Tito – Radio Show #11-25

Deep Soulful House music: The Gospel According to Tito – Radio Show #11-25

Tito Pulpo

July 19th, 2011

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The Gospel According to Tito – Radio Show #11-25
Deep Soulful House video/radio cast: recording of show broadcast live on SOS Radio on 15th July 2011.

Since moving into the New Casa SOS, we’ve had and absolutely fantastic time with the neighbours.
As they’re having to moving onto houses new, I take the opportunity to have a little fond farewell on the show.

Tracklist show #11-25 – Goodbye Mr and Mrs Neighbour
1. Now Is Our Time (Original Mix) – Asymmetric Soul Feat. Ella
2. Love So Amazing (Blvd East Vocal Remix) – FTL pres. Char Delvaille
3. Rise Up (Main Mix) – Carolyn Harding
4. Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Angie Stone
5. I Love U Still (Dolls Combers Original Mix) – Dolls Combers feat. Wayne Tennant
6. Heaven (Blvd East Chris Perez Remix) – Yoshihisa
7. The Cure & The Cause (Original Mix) – Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K
8. No More Rain (In This Cloud) – Angie Stone
9. Let It Go(Deep Soul Vocal Mix) – Soul Brothers feat Joi Cardwel
10. Slip Away (Club Mix) AphroDisiax & Afronaut ft: Sabrina Chyld
11. Cry Me A River (Black Coffee Remix) – Richard Earnshaw feat. Imogen Ryall
12. Caterpillar (Atjazz Remix) -Amana Melome
13. Thank You Jesus Pt. 3 (Hard Mix! Original Vocal Reworked) – 2 Brothers Of Soul feat. Daren J Bell
14. About Love Pt 1 – (Sean McCabe’s Alt Vocal Dubbed Mix) Kenny Bobien
15. Reach (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) – Alex Millet feat. SuSu Bobien
16. Love is The Key (DJ Kawasaki Remix) – Shuya Okino
17. You Bring Me Joy (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) – 3 Amigos ft. Susu Bobien
18. Fantastic (Spen & Terrys Skatastic Mix) – Sheila Ford & Terry Thompson feat. Carlous Palmer
19. Love For Now (The Layabouts Intell House Mix) – Nicc Johnson feat. LT Brown
20. Ride Of Life (Belocca Bright Vox) – Hardsoul feat. Chappell
21. He Moves (DJ Man-X & Scott Wozniak Remix) – Big Brooklyn Red


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