Deep soulful house: One Long Party – Show #11-07

Deep soulful house: One Long Party – Show #11-07

Tito Pulpo

March 8th, 2011

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Deep Soulful House Music podcast…by Tito Pulpo: Thursday 3rd March 2011

Show #11-07 – One Long Party!

A rare occurrence.  I start doing the show with an empty studio…Me, all on my lonesome and ready to make some noise…The noise begins but the solitude turns into another family gathering…This week’s show comes complete with “picture-in-picture” and tickertape! 🙂 (experimental).
This one is a massive 5 HOUR SESSION
If you want the whole 5 hour show as an MP3 please send me an email

With SOS Queen, Dani, off to her ballet lessons, I start the session alone this week but as the evening went on I was joined by several other members of the SOS family over here in Spain (Loretta and Joel, thanks for keeping me company).  We’re later joined by the our regulars (the neighbours) and the return of Queen Dani and Ladal continued to bring the house back to party life.

Tonight’s show is more of a laid back yet uplifting soulful vibe – a slight step downtempo from than my usual stompiness.

P.S. Decks playing up again…Damn those repair men


And the extended session…


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