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I’ve not been here in some time so this is a small return to my podcasts. They will be ranging between deep house, soulful house, funky shizzle, Tech and a range of other genres my record box holds. I hope you enjoy today’s offering, performed and recorded LIVE on BEachGrooves radio where I have a show from Monday – Friday from 14:00-15:00.

Recorded LIVE on BeachGrooves Radio 9th September 2017
1. Heart Drive by Superlover
2. Brun (Matthias Meyer remix) by Ryan Davis
3. Aftershock by Sebo K
5. Mind Paradise (Moti Brothers remix) by Salski
7. Deep Inside by Sammy W, Alex E, Frey
8. Greene St by Studioheist
9. Thinking Of You (original mix) by Serge Devant, Damiano C, Camille Safiya
10. Pearls (Timo Jahns remix) by Sade
11. Ultravision (feat Jaw – original mix) by Seuil

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Hi, I'm DJ Tito Pulpo and this is my blog. I'm a deep soulful house music DJ / Promoter based in Marbella, Malaga, Spain and attempting to bring the joy that music brings me to friends and strangers alike. Available for club / radio hire around the world.

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