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Dennis Ferrer kicked off decks at Mansion Club – Miami

Tito Pulpo

February 27th, 2012

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Is this right?  Dennis Ferrer “kicked off” decks during his DJ session at Mansion Nightclub Miami.

News has been circulating recently about House Music Legend Dennis Ferrer being removed from the booth during his set at Mansion Nightclub for not playing commercial enough?

This immediately sent the house music scene into a frenzy.  After coming down from the immense rage that soared through me I digested the info a little but still come to the conclusion that it was wrong.

Dennis Ferrer, for me, has always been an amazing production force in the house scene…some say moving with the times although I believed he’s paved the way and lead to a lot of it’s progression

“Church lady”, “Underground is my Home”, “Grateful”, “How do I let go” are all classic tracks that have help confirm Dennis’s talent.  “A Black Man in Space” and “Touch The Sky” and innovation with more recent productions such as Headphone Silence (listen below), Sinfonia Della Norte” and “Red Room” have proven his adaptability.

“Hey Hey” although not on my fave list, did catapult Dennis into stratospheric altitudes.

That being said it seems to me that the promoters of Mansion hadn’t done their homework and based their decision to hire Dennis on his success of Hey Hey (the one I don’t like)…or hadn’t specified wanting commercial…or both!  Dennis is a talented DJ / Producer and lover of music and it’s a shame that a man of his level is taken on supposedly for his merits and then removed in mid flow.

I don’t fully understand what went on (and maybe never will) but for any artist at this level to be treated like this is very very unusual!

Have some Dennis!

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