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Destination Y – #TheGospel Radio podcast

Destination Y – #TheGospel Radio podcast

Tito Pulpo

January 15th, 2020

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DEEP SOULFUL HOUSE…and other musical stuff…

Welcome to one of my (almost) daily deliveries of house music for listening pleasure.

Today’s session is entitled “Destination Y” and as always, the title of the session is taken from the leading track a recent release by French duo B&S Concept.


  1. Destination Y (Original Mix) – B&S Concept
  2. Intoxicating (Unreleased Mix) – IQ Musique, Eaze
  3. Music From My Soul (Homero Espinosa And Tony’s Juno 106 Dub) – Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa
  4. The Groove (Original Mix) – Exotic Duo
  5. You’re Gonna Want Me Back (Joey Negro Disco Blend) – Delia Renee’
  6. No More Sushi – Moodena
  7. Jazz Space Homey (Original Mix) – Kevin Yost
  8. Blues for You (Danny J Lewis Rework) – Danny J Lewis & Marc Cotterell
  9. Treat Me Right – Jeremy Sylvester
  10. House Music Is (Original Mix) – LucaJLove, BRADII
  11. Let’s Go Back (Original Mix) – Corduroy Mavericks
  12. On The Bit – Dan Corco
  13. Let It Be Deep (Alternative Mix) – Ethiopian Chyld

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