Mixcloud – A site for music lovers

I’m also on Mixcloud.com

I like to share my music…and constantly looking for various ways to improve the number of people I can reach thus maximising the love.  As well as hosting my mixes on this website, I also share my mixes on various other music platform websites around the globe which helps improving on the number of people who get to hear my mix productions.  There are a few but here I will tell you about Mixcloud.com


Mixcloud is a site dedicated to the promotion of podcasts, mixes and artists music.  I have been registered on there now for a few years and the response is great.  It’s very easy to use and the bonus I find (from a music hunting point of view), is that they have a tracklisting service.  Basically they have servers and software and other magical technical stuff that will scan the mixes and recognise the names of tracks.  Perfect for when you need the names for songs that you find and love.[blockquote author=””]

Click on the play button below to access the mixes through the mixcloud.com player


 Click on the play button below to access the mixes through the mixcloud.com player

Cloudcasts by Tito Pulpo – Deep, Soulful DJ on Mixcloud

The service is FREE to upload your music and there are no storage limits.  It’s also free to register for an account to solely listen to music.  The account allows you to track and follow your favorite artists.

I try to get as many of my mixes on there and I am currently in the process of uploading more

The only downside to Mixcloud is that you cannot download music…it is all streamed directly from the site to your speakers.  While it’s a hinderance for free music, it does go some way to protecting artists and their intellectual rights.

Overall, thumbs up for mixcloud.com

In general, thumbs up for Mixcoud.