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Fuzzy Headed Soulful Saturdays

This weekend has been a crazy one for me…

Here’s a little rundown to demonstrate the amount of sleep that I DIDN’T get ๐Ÿ™‚

Thurdsay 17th March:
Evening: Radio show…another extended session which saw a 5 and a half hour musical session. Bed time: 7.30am (Friday morning!)

Friday 18th March:
Up at 11am – Work all day

Friday early evening sees the arrival of a distant SOS family member to our shores and indeed into Casa SOS…Hold on to your hat Janet…the weekend’s about to kick off… ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday night: Surprise birthday party for Dani’s boss (had to behave…NOT) – Another party that saw me get to bed around 8.00am (Saturday morning!!)

Saturday 19th March: Up at 11am (3 hours sleep) to prepare for the start of Soulful Saturdays on SOS Radio. Listen to the show and the mellow vibe will give you an idea of the fuzzyness in my head…

Saturday afternoon – Out to Birthday lunch to celebrate with some great friends – Fantastic day

Saturday night: Devil’s continues. ย WWith 3 groups celebrating birthday, it was a crazy night

Bed time: 8am (Sunday morning)

Sunday 20th March – NON-EXISTENT

A crazy weekend and a great time had by all – Next weekend may see a weekend off.


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Hi, I'm DJ Tito Pulpo and this is my blog. I'm a deep soulful house music DJ / Promoter based in Marbella, Malaga, Spain and attempting to bring the joy that music brings me to friends and strangers alike. Available for club / radio hire around the world.

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