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Get Lifted | An interview with Barbara Tucker

Get Lifted | An interview with Barbara Tucker

Tito Pulpo

February 10th, 2016

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After 30 years in the industry and an unprecedented string of extremely successful releases and collaborations, this phenomenal singer really needs no introduction.

Raised in Brooklyn New York, Barbara Tucker, like many of the iconic house vocalists, started her singing at an early age in church, the basis for the soul for which she is so well known. She was heavily encouraged to pursue a singing career by her father Jayotis Washington of the group “The Persuasions”.

Tucker’s induction into the music industry really came in the late 80’s where her already distinguished vocals were used on a range of tracks.  The release of “SET IT OFF” with Harlequin 4 on Jus Born Records was a major hit and her unique performances and delivery soon established her as an icon of New York’s gay/Hi-NRG scene. In the UK it was the soulful house bomb, ‘Beautiful People’, which utilized the ‘Deep Deep Inside’ hook from Hardrive’s track of the same name, which gave her an audience in the UK and opened the doors for her to Europe.

Beautiful People”, “I Get Lifted”, “Stay Together” and of course “Most Precious Love” are some of her earlier works and like Barbara herself, have stood the tests of time and are proving to be iconic examples of musical bliss. To this day, you will still witness clubs and dance-floors around the world jumping whenever they are played; again, like Barbara, they have become firmly established entries in the History of House Music.

Barbara has also become the only recording artist to have secured an annual residency in Europe’s clubbing mecca, Ibiza.  Considering the talent moving into and out of the island each year, this is an astounding achievement.

Beachgrooves resident DJ Tito Pulpo was fortunate enough to grab a little bit of her precious time for BG Life Magazine, to fill us in on her current life, loves and movements.

The Interview…

Tito Pulpo: Firstly, thank you very much for giving us this interview.

Barbara Tucker: Thank you for this time.

TP: What does an average day for the hardest working woman in House Music consist of?  Do you have a basic daily routine or is every day random and challenging?

BT: I’m not the hardest! ….This is house … Dance.  We flow with it!

TP: You have performed once or twice here in Marbella (I was lucky enough to be there backstage at Olivia Valere for the “Celebration of Life” weekend). Will you consider coming back and performing here on the south coast of Spain?

BT: Of course. Let’s do it!

TP: What’s your favourite colour?

BT: Red.  White.  Orange!

TP: Music aside, what kind of things do you get up to in your “down time” (If you have any?)

BT: Studying more about black history… I love it. Spiritual things. Serving at my church and occupying my mind with enlightening things.

TP: If you wanted to be any singer in the world other than the great Ms Barbara Tucker who would you like to be and why?

BT: Lol. I didn’t even want to be a singer. Lol

TP: Not an easy one as you have had so many the world over, but what/where is your most memorable performance and why?

BT: There are toooo many…  Too many to name.

TP: What’s your favourite food?

BT: It’s between Thai and Cuban and West Indian.  Yes, I loveeee food!

TP: You have worked with many of the greats in the industry?  Is there someone you would like to work with who you haven’t worked with yet?  And why?

BT: Will I Am. He’s so creative. Bob Sinclar. Could be magic. Black coffee. Could be explosive.

TP: Favourite day of the week?

BT: Any day God wakes me. I respect each day and each breath

TP: Tell us a little about your residency in Ibiza. (How long has it been running, some of your special guests, etc…)

BT: I started at “El Divino” in 2001. Then I was in “Bed With Space” for 6-7 yrs. After that I performed at “Blue Marlin” for 9 yrs and I’ve been at “Glitterbox” 2014-2016. It’s live and spontaneous, mixed with my classic songs and I sing with my DJ from the BStar Music Group, DJQ, aka DJ Quinta.  He is also my MC and he loves dancing his butt off!!!

TP: If you were not involved in the music industry, what do you think you would be doing or like to be doing?

BT: I would love to be a life coach and mentor.  It may not be too late 🙂

TP: Do you prefer chicken or fish…or neither?

BT: Both. Lol. I said I love to eat.

TP: What’s your current view of the house music scene and is there much of a difference between it’s popularity here in Europe and over in the US?

BT: House is the foundation and whatever comes after doesn’t make a difference ‘cause house is the foundation of the building.  In the USA, hip hop rules!!!!  I love the old school though.

TP: Tell us about your current/latest project?

BT: Wow… I´m producing my album “Ascension.” It’s gonna be soooo good. I have some side projects and events. But the album is going to be my baby.   I need to leave this legacy.

TP: Another “not-so-easy” one…What’s your favourite record/track of all time?

BT: Circles. Atlantic Star

TP: Finally, what does the future hold for the unstoppable Ms. Tucker?

BT: Open doors of opportunities and a new network is my prayer.

TP: Thank you very much for taking the time out to answer our questions.  We are looking forward to telling our readers a little bit more of the Legendary Barbara Tucker.  Good luck in your future endeavours and hopefully we can do this again sometime in the future.

BT: You are welcome.  My pleasure.

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