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Happy New Year – NYE antics…

Happy New Year – NYE antics…

Tito Pulpo

January 5th, 2011

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Happy New Year One and All…

Paradise Musik - New Year's Eve // Noche Vieja - FLYERI’d like to wish you all the best prospects for 2011 and beyond.  Thank you all so much for your support, time, help ad best wishes over the year…it’s made the bad times bearable and the good times worth even more…

I hope you had a great time seeing in the new year, doing whatever is was that made you and those around you happy.

New Year’s Eve was a long but happy one for me.  I was DJing at the Paradise Musik and RAW Productions event hosted at Tibu Nightclub, Puerto Banus.  The night consisted of two rooms (of which I had the honour to play in both) and a lot of DJs with band and amazing percussion.

We continued through til 9am and then went on to host a bad ass after party at held at La Flor de los Naranjos – a  gorgeous restuarant which was specially equipped with crazy soundsystem for the event.  3pm (yes..PM) saw the last track played and a massive round of applause for what was an epic event.

[cincopa AwMA_Z6YXCeQ]Playing three sessions in one night, although tiring, was a lot of fun.  It’s nice to know that the music that I’ve been pushing here in Spain is getting the recognition it deserves here with the extra hours I was given.

Many thanks to Tony (DJ Karma) and Warren Davies (RAW) Production for their massive efforts in putting on an event like this for NYE and also all the staff down at TiBU and La Flor de los Naranjos as well as the other DJs and performers playing on the night.  Have a great year guys.

2011 is upon us and the planning starts for what I believe to be a great year for this music –  I say this every year and every year it seems to run true.

Have a great 2011

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