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Hook up your computer to your home stereo

Hook up your computer to your home stereo

Tito Pulpo

February 1st, 2011

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I love my deep soulful house music…
and I listen to A LOT of it online.   Having access to the internet and the huge amounts of music out there is a blessing in itself.

For years now I’ve hooked up my main computer to my home stereo in order to achieve the best listening pleasure I can get. Recently I’ve noticed that a number of people don’t know how to do this (or that it was even possible). So I had a little look around for some easy info and found this little instruction video from HOWCAST.COM (a great online source for showing you “how to do things”.

Check the video, plug it all together and turn it on.

Let me know if this makes the music any better…


If you have anymore hints and tips on making the online music experience EVEN better…let me know 🙂

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