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Jam & Keys – The Lost Tapes EP (incl. Issac Christopher / Lakosa & iO Sounds Remixes)

Tito Pulpo

January 31st, 2013

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MadHouse Records
11/02/13 (Beatport) 25/02/13 (General)

Jam & Keys - The Lost Tapes EPKerri Chandler¹s MadHouse and MadTech imprints continue the early 2013 with MadHouse serving up “The Lost Tapes” EP from Jam & Keys backed with remixes from Issac Christopher and Lakosa & iO Sounds.

Matt “Jam” Lamont and Brian Keys Tharme worked on these tracks originally in the Tuff Jam heyday but the project was never completed.

Late 2007 the original project files were unearthed and the duo paired up to finish what has been started and the result is ŒThe Lost Tapes¹ EP.

“Anyway You Wanna” and “Only One” make up the original tracks on The Lost Tapes with a soulful modern house slant. Slick, vocal pieces, it’s a testament to the forward thinking nature of the UK’s nascent Garage scenes in the early 2000s that “Anyway You Wanna” and “Only One” sound so fresh (even with the updated work). Vocals lead the way but classic house beats and ultra modern, grinding bass tones and rough leads provide the backbone to great effect.

MadHouse’s own Issac Christopher drops a skipping, energetic interpretation of “Anyway You Wanna” that kicks like a mule and serves as a tidy precursor to his forthcoming “The Good Old Days” single for the imprint. Lakosa & iO Sounds, having appeared on MadTech in 2012 with “Home Early”, deliver a forward version of “Only One” – a piece of loose, broken garage funk that stands out as some of the duo’s best work yet.
Jam & Keys themselves serve up a joyful, key-heavy “Revival” dub of “Only One” that shines brightly at the end of what is yet another standout EP from MadHouse.

Jam & Keys “The Lost Tapes” EP is released on Madhouse 11th February (Beatport) / 25th February 2013 (General Release)

Track List :
1. Anyway You Wanna
2. Only One
3. Anyway You Wanna (Issac Christopher
4. Only One (Lakosa & iO Sounds Remix)
5. Only One (Jam & Keys Revival Dub)

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