Journeys through house – Sunday 21st Jan 2024 – LIVE from Puente Romano

Mixed live from La Plaza, Puente Romano, Sunday 21 January 2024.  This playlist is like an evening’s journey through various landscapes of house music, from the soul-stirring depths to the vibrant, rhythm-rich peaks. Each track has its unique flavor, but they all share that unifying soulful, deep house essence. Play these at a house party, and you’re not just playing music – you’re telling a story. I’ve provided what I like to call an “Extended Tracklist” giving you a little artist overview of each track.  Enjoy the journey

Extended tracklist
  1. Jazzloungerz feat. Natasha Watts – “Tell Me” (Pete Moss’ Life On Jupiter (Dub Mix)): Jazzloungerz, a UK-based duo, is known for their jazzy and soulful house music. They frequently collaborate with vocalists like Natasha Watts, who adds a soulful and powerful vocal element to their tracks. Pete Moss, the remixer of this track, is a deep house veteran known for his emotive and smooth style.
  2. Christos Fourkis & Silia – “Deep From My Heart” (Original Mix): Christos Fourkis, a Greek producer, blends traditional sounds with electronic beats, creating a unique deep house experience. Silia, collaborating on this track, adds a distinctively emotive vocal layer.
  3. Moodena & Soul Central – “A Glass of Kool Aid”: Moodena, known for his funky and jazzy house style, collaborates here with Soul Central, a duo famous for their classic track “Strings of Life” and their deep, soulful house productions.
  4. Soul Dao – “A Magia Da Bahia” (Original Mix): Soul Dao is a lesser-known artist in the house music scene but brings a fresh and rhythmic energy, often infusing Afro and Latin elements into his tracks.
  5. Adamant and Richelle Hicks – “Come See Me Tonight” (Original Mix): Adamant, known for his deep and soulful house tracks, joins forces with Richelle Hicks, a vocalist with a rich, soul-stirring voice, perfect for deep house.
  6. Chris Stussy – “Display” (Original Mix): Chris Stussy, a name that’s become synonymous with the modern deep house scene, is known for his groovy basslines and smooth, deep rhythms.
  7. Tigerskin and the Lazarusman – “I Believe”: Tigerskin, an electronic music producer with a knack for deep and melodic sounds, collaborates with the Lazarusman, a spoken word artist, adding a unique narrative element to their music.
  8. Long T, Dav Risen, MoreSoul – “John 14:6” (Original Mix): This collaboration brings together a mix of deep and spiritual house elements, with each artist contributing their unique style to the track.
  9. Soulfuledge – “More Appeal”: Soulfuledge is known for his soulful and uplifting house music, often infused with powerful vocals and emotive melodies.
  10. Miguel Migs & Martin Luther – “Runnin Away”: Miguel Migs, a veteran in the deep house scene, is celebrated for his soulful and melodic productions. Martin Luther adds a soulful vocal touch, enhancing the track’s depth.
  11. Aaron Carl – “Sky” (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal Mix): Aaron Carl, a respected figure in the Detroit house and techno scene, was known for his emotional and soulful music. Osunlade adds his Yoruba Soul remix style, bringing Afro elements to the track.
  12. S.E.L, Gary Hudgins, MoBlack – “The Sweetest Pain” (MoBlack Soul Mix): S.E.L’s soulful voice, combined with Gary Hudgins’ musical prowess and MoBlack’s Afro house touch, creates a deeply rhythmic and soulful track.
  13. Ivan Afro5 – “More Love” (Original Mix): Ivan Afro5, an artist known for his Afro house productions, brings energetic rhythms and cultural depth to his music.
  14. Luka & Sio – “Robots Talk” (Keys Snow Vocal Remix): Luka’s deep house style mixed with Sio’s unique vocal talent creates a reflective and emotive track, further enhanced by Keys Snow’s remixing skills.
  15. AfroDrum – “Sunshine In The Rain” (Original Mix): AfroDrum, known for his Afrocentric deep house tracks, creates music that’s rhythmically rich and layered with traditional African sounds.
  16. AfroZone – “Evolution” (Original Mix): AfroZone brings a dynamic and energetic style to the Afro house genre, known for their powerful drums and rhythmic melodies.
  17. Rancido, AfroTura & Bun Xapa feat. Idd Aziz – “Kibe”: This collaboration is a powerhouse of Afro house talent, blending Rancido’s deep and melodic style with AfroTura and Bun Xapa’s rhythmic expertise, and Idd Aziz’s captivating vocals.
  18. Stewie Le Savage & HyperSOUL-X – “Melanin Confidence” (Afro Mix): A collaboration that brings together Stewie Le Savage’s fresh approach to house music with HyperSOUL-X’s Afro house style, creating a track that’s both empowering and rhythmically engaging.
  19. KG Bones & Audio J feat. Kea October – “All I Want”: KG Bones and Audio J, newer names in the house music scene, create deep and soulful tracks, complemented by Kea October’s evocative vocals.
  20. Casi Adame – “Amazonia”: Casi Adame, an emerging name in the house music scene, is known for her ability to blend deep and tribal elements, creating an immersive listening experience.
  21. Mark Di Meo – “A Gentleman’s Song FK” (Cee ElAssaad Remix): Mark Di Meo, a producer known for his soulful house music, gets a remix treatment from Cee ElAssaad, an artist who brings his own unique Afro house flair to the track.
  22. Jeeycee – “Pegate A Mi” (Carlos Castro Afro Latin Mix): Jeeycee, an artist with a flair for Latin-infused house music, is remixed by Carlos Castro, who adds an Afro-Latin rhythm to the track.
  23. Jonatan Seara – “True Love” (Afro House Mix): Jonatan Seara is known for his passionate approach to house music, often blending romantic and soulful elements with deep beats.
  24. Peppe Citarella, Brutha Basil, Mijangos – “Warning” (Mijangos Afro House Mix): This collaboration brings together the Italian house flavor of Peppe Citarella, the soulful voice of Brutha Basil, and Mijangos’ Afro house remixing expertise.
  25. Luis Radio – “Wurly Chant” (Pietro Nicosia Afro Latin Vibes Remix): Luis Radio, a veteran in the house music scene, is known for his soulful and rhythmic tracks. Pietro Nicosia’s remix adds an Afro-Latin twist.
  26. Carlos Francisco – “Afro Jamaica” (Original Mix): Carlos Francisco, an artist known for his ability to fuse Afro and Latin rhythms, creates music that’s vibrant and full of energy.
  27. DJ Roland Clark & Tonya ‘On The Sax’ Green – “Black Again”: DJ Roland Clark is a legendary figure in the house music world, known for his soulful productions and deep vocals. Tonya ‘On The Sax’ Green adds a jazzy, soulful saxophone element to this track.
  28. Mus Threee – “Journey” (Afro Room Mix): Mus Threee is known for their deep and melodic house music, often incorporating soulful and Afrocentric elements.
  29. Black Coffee feat. Tshepo – “Never Saw You Coming”: Black Coffee, a globally renowned South African DJ and producer, is known for his deep and Afro-infused house music. Tshepo’s vocals add a soulful dimension to this track.
  30. Stylesdipp – “One Way Street” (Afro Deep Mix): Stylesdipp, an emerging artist in the deep and Afro house scene, is known for creating tracks that are both soulful and rhythmically complex.
  31. Dry & Bolinger – “The Soul” (Unreleased Fizzikx Afro Dub): Dry & Bolinger, known for their deep and groovy house tracks, get a Fizzikx Afro Dub remix, adding an Afrocentric beat to their sound.
  32. Flakito Bakano – “Bakanisimo” (Afro House Mix): Flakito Bakano, an artist with a passion for Afro and Latin house music, creates tracks that are lively and full of rhythm.
  33. Charles Dockins feat. Brandon Moultrie – “Those Days” (CDock’s Afro Blue Deep Sax Dub): Charles Dockins, a respected name in the house music scene, is known for his soulful and deep tracks. Brandon Moultrie’s saxophone adds a unique jazz element.
  34. Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai, Mario Punchard – “Trans Afro Express” (Vocal Dub Mix): Jerome Sydenham, a house music veteran, teams up with Fatima Njai and Mario Punchard to create a track that’s rich in Afro rhythms and deep house vibes.

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