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Review: Kings Of Tomorrow Featuring April – I Need To Love Me

Review: Kings Of Tomorrow Featuring April – I Need To Love Me

Tito Pulpo

January 23rd, 2012

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Kings Of Tomorrow Featuring April – I Need To Love Me

Defected Records - I need to love meEvery-so-often I get round to doing a little write up about a track I’ve enjoyed recently. This is the next installment. ladies and gentlemen…Not sure how I came by this track but this is true Kings of Tomorrow in style.

Sandy Rivera, a long time respected DJ and producer has got together again with April to bring you this stunning track. A magnificent club track with depth and style, this track pleases the ear from start to finish.

Haunting chords, thumping bassline (classic Defected club feel) and quality vocals from April make this track a must play for many a DJ tracklist, or one to squeeze onto your MP3 player or iPod and take on the go.

Having been a fan or Sandy Rivera for some time but not heard much from his camp in recent times, I was extremely glad to come across this little beauty.


Defected Records

Turn it up and enjoy
Kings of Tomorrow – I Need to Love me
Released 31.08.11
Defected Records

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