Kit Mason – I Am Ready (Artefact Records)

Tito Pulpo

January 23rd, 2013

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Artefact Rrecords = I am ready

Kit Mason DJ and producer coming from Harrogate , Leeds is the newest addition to Artefact’s roster. He started playing in the mid nineties and since then has played house music in and out of clubs and bars.

The past year saw him starting producing and as a result of his devotion to innovative use of samples and beats, loops and cords, few eps are set to be released in the next couple of months for few different labels.

His debut is our 29th release titled “I Am Ready” a great title for an EP that shows off his skills and feel for deep tech house, a message to expect more great releases from this young talented producer.

The ep contains three tracks starting with the first track titled as the ep “I Am Ready”. It starts with a minimalistic beat, female shouts and a loopy vocal phrase that was used on Size 9 aka Josh Wink track from the beginning of the nineties, continues with a hypnotic drive, use of some acidic sounds and a deep chords to give the track a complete feel and serious attitude.

The second track is called White Hot, again Kit shows his ability to program great beat along with a funky minimal bass line and male vocal samples, he uses deep sounding pads throughout the track but still manages to sustain the powerful drive that makes you wanna dance.
Space Core is the third track on the EP and with the use of deep melodic chords mixed with a chunky beat and funky bass line sounds a bit old school but as fresh as it could be for all the late nite parties and
deeper oriented dance floors.

Three different flavors of house music but all with the same passionate drive, pick yours and dance…

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