“La Casa de Stomp” – Deep stompy house mix

Tito Pulpo

October 29th, 2013

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LA Casa de Stomp - Deep house mix by Tito Pulpo

I Love a little bit of stomp!

Stepping the pace up a little from my mix last week, this one brings about a little more of a “foot stomp” to the scenario.

Deep soulful house music with a little extra meat for the hungry ones out there 😉

I’ve bee thinking about showcasing a deeper side of house with my mixes.  This will be seriously reflected in the upcoming “Release The Beast” sessions where we step a little out of the soulful zone and descend into a more electronica underground…bring your compas!

In this mix I’ve incorporated some new flavour from some old favourites of mine…The Layabouts make an appearance in the form of “Tell Me Now”, with Ivan the Terrible doing some sweet deep naughtyness to this superb track.  Also, big boys in town, Detroit Swindle get another blast in one of my mixes with some serious “Unfinished Business” on the cards…look out for that one releasing in November.

The overall feel of the mix is “clubland” and the use of the effects (WHICH I LOVE) is a reflection of that and exactly where I imagined myself while producing it…hence getting a little carried away 🙂

New bits!!!

I’ve decided to add a little extra info to these mix pages hoping some of you will find it useful.  Please have a read while enjoying the music. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the production of this mix, please let me know. Your suggestions could always help others as well as me :).  TRACKLIST BELOW!

ENJOY The music…MP3 coming very soon..


For starters (and until I think of more info) I’ll list the equipment used.  While this will be primarily the same for a while, I’m hoping to be able to chart my change in equipment over the coming years (the universe permitting)

2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 MKII
1 x Pioneer DJM900 nexus
(Currently sponsored by Paradise Musik – More on them at a later date)

Music availability
Most of the tracks here are available on Traxsource and Beatport

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Audio MP3 – Ripped from Flash file

1. 333 – James Flavour
2. Guffaz (Original Mix) – Cristoph
3. The Game – Lars Vegas
4. Bedside Manners – Tomson & Benedict
5. Tell Me Now (Ivan The Terrible Dub) – The Layabouts, Portia Monique
6. Unfinished Business – Detroit Swindle
7. All For Myself (Wez Saunders, Mark EC Remix) – Afrobeat
8. Concord Jazz (Ian Pooley Remix) – Shades Of Gray
9. A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Vocal) – Dino Lenny, Hardrive
10. Don Juan Pulgar (Original Mix) – Coqui Selection & Falomir! feat Pablo Dominguez
11. Phonic Funk – The Heartbreak
12. Deep Cover (Vincenzo remix) – Dirt Crew
13. Another Way (Animist Remix) – Golf Clap


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