MIXCLOUD SELECT – Support me AND the artists

Welcome to my Mixcloud Select introduction. I’m sure are enjoying the sessions I share with you. I receive many wonderful messages and so want to help bring you more. As you may or may not know, curating and collecting so much music takes up many many hours of time not to mention money.

If you like what you hear and you want to help the artists more, then you can now subscribe to Mixcloud Select. Subscribing not only gives you a smoother listening experience but other benefits.

  • Offline listening – access to download all of my mixes and radio session for offline listening.
  • Exclusive mixes for Select subscribers only
  • Unlimited listening
  • NO ADS
  • Free skipping forward and backward and more to come.

Support the industry and get more benefits…

Everyday on Mixcloud, over 1 million minutes of audio are uploaded by creators and listened to by fans worldwide for free. Mixcloud Select lets you get more from your favorite creator channels for a small monthly fee.

Subscribe to Tito Pulpo – Deep, Soulful DJ and show your support for the shows and music you love to listen to.

Exclusive benefits

  • Exclusive shows
  • Early access
  • Support artist
  • Offline Listening*
  • No adverts*
  • Unlimited Listening*

Fair distribution model

Channel subscriptions are more than just a fan club. It’s a unique revenue share model where everyone involved in making the shows you listen to gets their cut, fairly and legally. Here’s where your money is going.

To artists you play: 65%
Creator earnings: 18%
Application fees:17%
I also hope to be producing live video shows exclusively for Mixcloud Select subscribers in the near future.

Music on Mixcloud is fully licensed! This means revenue flows in all the right directions : to Select Creators and the Artists. You will be directly supporting me and all the artists and music played.
More details here : https://www.mixcloud.com/djtitopulpo/select/

Thank you…keep on enjoying!


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