The Mojito Mix – Inspired by Summer

Tito Pulpo

May 22nd, 2012

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The Mojito Mix - Inspired by Summer

Greetings pop pickers!

Here’s my next completely unscheduled mix just for you. “The Mojito Mix – Inspired by Summer” is my first (non radio show) mix for some time now so I really hope you enjoy it. (Shouts to my Mojito Man Joel – The Mojito Maestro!!!)

(Firstly, apologies for the audio at the beginning of the first track. It doesn’t last long – Mic settings were wrong – In the silent bits you should’ve been hearing me introducing the mix…A thousand pardons).

Sun is out, friends start to arrive and the Mojito Man has started to strutt his stuff. The first batch of mojos are on their way and the summer shenanigans in the sun begin to let loose. A little summer warm up mix for you all to enjoy!

Keep a tight ear out for a few of my favs in this one…

Harmony (Atjazz feat. Dawn B) still haunts my mine with it’s soulful grooves.
The Boss Part 2 (Mustafa feat. Tasita D’Mour) is another sweet little number oozing with warm grooves.
Atjazz is littered about this mix kinda setting the vibe throughout and ending with a track that I can never tire of, Beautiful (Toni Sea & Ralf Gum) with the Raw Artistic Soul remix never failing to get me grooving. Enjoy it party people!

Massive loves to you all for all the continued support you’ve been showing for the DJing I do. The comments and the love make it all the more worth it.

Feel free to spread the word of this beautiful music and wherever you can, please give massive support to the artists producing this beautiful thing we call house. The majority of tracks in this mix can be brought from the usual online music stores

I broadcast a radio / video show LIVE every Thursday on SOS Radio http://www.saveoursoul.es/mix from 8pm GMT ¦ 9pm CET (Europe) ¦ 3pm (EST)

I played a beach gig once and a guy came up to me and asked me to play some “Mojito music”…I was confused at the time but now know what he means 🙂 – ENJOY

MP3 Player and FREE download

1. Harmony – Atjazz feat. Dawn B
2. Consequences (Blaze Vocal Mix) – DJ Man-X & Albert Sterling Menendez feat. Blaze
3. Love is You (Original Mix) – Cajmere & Russoul pres. Ari Lourdes
4. Time is Now (Groove Assassin Remix) – Lips Feat. Bongi Mvuyana
5. Euphoria (Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix) – Tamara Wellons
6. All That – Atjazz
7. Thousand Fingered Man – Louie Vega
8. Summer Breeze (N’Dinga Gaba & Atjazz Original Concept Mix) – N’Dinga Gaba feat Sahffi
9. On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) – Leon Ware
10. The Boss Part 2 (Chillin in Ipanema Mix) – Mustafa feat. Tasita D’Mour
11. Be Yourself (Layabouts Vocal Mix) – The Layabouts feat Jay Henry
12. Sun for Life (Soulful Deep Main Mix) – Deep Ya’ll Aka DJ Rico
13. Be with you – (Blvd East main mix) – Carolyn Harding
14. Beautiful (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) – Toni Sea & Ralf Gum
15. Feelin’ me feelin’ you – Waiwan feat. Loretta Heywood


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