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Movember – Helping men’s health

MOVEMBER IS BACK (and nearly gone) and as the months nears it’s end, we go for one last push to keep the money coming in…

Tito-Movember-2011Those of you who have been following me will no that I’ve been involved in the Movember Charity that’s been running a campaign for the month of November.  During this time, men from all over the world grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, particularly cancer related issues (prostrate cancer testicular cancer).

The whole month has been a crazy drive to spread the word and for the men to compare the facial hair growth and have some fun helping out to help this serious cause.

We could do with all the help we can get so please help us out.   Please just visit my Movember page and make a donation or simply send out the link http://mobro.co/titopulpo to your family and friends asking them to do the same.

We have a team going (VOCAL BOOTH MO’FOS 2011) and we also have a little “competition” amongst the 27 men, all strong and true to see who can raise the most money…I’m WAY outta the runnings to win the team competition but that’s not going to stop me pushing for MOREMOENY (which is the whole point of this little excercise).

As a team we have thus far raised well over £5,000 – I’m well and truly proud of being part of that.

Our TEAM competition lasts until the end of November (2 days) but I will continue to take donations as I’m now very fond of the facial decoraction currently sprouting from my top lip (and beyond).

The “Shaft”ish look seems to be a keeper.

Donations page: http://mobro.co/titopulpo

Team page: http://mobro.co/vocalbooth

For more information on Movember, their work and success, please visit the Movember homepage at http://www.movember.com


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