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The MuthaFunkaz – The MuthaLode Reloaded

The MuthaFunkaz – The MuthaLode Reloaded

Tito Pulpo

November 28th, 2011

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The Muthafunkaz-Muthaloade Reloaded

I’ve been a big fan of the MuthaFunkaz for some time now.  Their ability for uplifting production is outstanding and their latest contribution to our musical needs comes in the form of “The MuthaLode Reloaded”.

If you liked the original Muthalode, released last year, then you’ll love this album equally if not more.


From time-to-time I like to drop little musical suggestions here on the blog.  This time I’m going to bang on a little about The Muthafunkaz.  Known around the world for their fusion of jazz, gospel, funk, soul & house music, The MuthaFunkaz have constantly been pioneering their sound and of course responsible alongside Ron Hall for the seminal soul classic The Way You Love Me, which rightly went on to become one of the biggest tracks of its time.


A year later and, as the name suggests, the hit album MuthaLode gets a brand new lease of life – now comprising of a collection of stunning remixes from some of house musics biggest players, the original MuthaFunkaz tracks have been given some fantastic reworks.

Look out in particular for a Kenny Dope remix of “Gotta hold on me”, Atjazz going to town on “Oh I(miss you)”, Joey Negro’s club mix of “Every day of the week” and Karizma’s beautiful mix of “Mutha Day”. The album also features the brand new ‘I Do Love You (alliwannado)’ single – classic MuthaFunkaz at their very best!

“WOAH” also first presented on the last album is revamped with the Muthafunkaz earth tones mix…Luv it!!!!

The MuthaFunkaz – The MuthaLode Reloaded on Code Red Recordings

01. The MuthaFunkaz – I Do Love You (alliwannado) ›› Listen
02. The MuthaFunkaz – Every Day Of The Week (Joey Negro Club Mix)
03. The MuthaFunkaz – Galaxy ›› Listen
04. The MuthaFunkaz – A Reason To Love (Dimitri From Paris Back To Zanzibar Mix) ›› Listen
05. The MuthaFunkaz – WOAH!!! (Muthafunkaz Earth Tones Mix)
06. The MuthaFunkaz – Don’t Worry (About Your Problems) ›› Listen
07. The MuthaFunkaz – OH I (Miss You) (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
08. The MuthaFunkaz – Gotta Hold On Me (Kenny Dope Remix)
09. The MuthaFunkaz – MuthazDay (Karizma’s Beautiful Mix)
10. The MuthaFunkaz – Gotta Hold On Me (Gramophonedzie Nuskool Remix)

Available NOW!

The digital download is available on Traxsource.

The CD (which also includes a bonus CD of classic MuthaFunkaz remixes) is available at Amazon



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