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Promoting yourself as a DJ

Promoting yourself as a DJ

Tito Pulpo

December 16th, 2010

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Some thoughts on promoting yourself online…


This is the first in a series of (who knows how many) articles I shall be writing and sharing my views (ups and downs) of methods of online promotion that I find to be useful (or not).  As well as DJing I am also involved in web design and a little online promotion – I thought I’d use my experiences so maybe you could benefit from stuff I find.  Because this is ongoing, there will be no timely post, just random as and when I can…I hope it helps…Always, comments welcome 🙂

Online Promotion…

Promoting myself as a DJ has been and continues to be a very difficult and time consuming process. Online promotion, although easy to do from the comfort of your own home, can be an extremely time consuming task.  With the rise in use of Social networking and online usage in general, the internet has provided an extremely powerful platform for DJs (or indeed bands, singers, performers, labels e.t.c….)to promote themselves on a global level.

With this increased usage in internet usage came the rise of “The Social Networking Sites” in all their friendly, socially greatness. This seemed the ideal platform to promote yourself to a lot of people.  Problem slowly became apparent that keeping up with multiple profiles and multiple sites AND getting information to yout “friends” on all networks AND constantly posting / reposting information takes up a lot of time.  Social networks are proving to be seasonal; what would happen if the likes of Facebook faltered just like MySpace is going.  Once “THE” online place to be but now…not so.  Slowly you begin to lose those “friends” you had and have to resort to building up your contacts and followers all over again.

One solution…

One option I’ve decided to opt for is to have my own personal DJing website/blogsite solely dedicated to my DJing antics.  You’re looking at it – – This gives me one place to point new “fans” to and I can include pages with my MySpace page, Twitter, Facebook or any number of other social networks I belong as well as my Radio Show page.  The site (hopefully) reflects more about me, creates a more professional images and fans can get information abotu me directly without being lost amongst the millions or other tweets and status  updates in the social network world!!!  FREEDOM to stand out.
I can use features like RSS to spread information to many places with just one post, saving HUGE amounts of time.  If you’d like more info on getting your own personal site, let me know…:)

Another source of info I found very interesting was here:

Guru Online : Website design


They highlight a number of other very relevant points with regard to the importance of having your own website.
I shall be posting any other means of self promotion I find useful so make sure you subscribe to the site for future updates…
Happy Housing…

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