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Soulfro:6 | Shifted 6

Soulfro:6 | Shifted 6

Tito Pulpo

July 13th, 2020

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Wednesday 9th July 2020 – #TheGospel According to Tito


Shifted 6 – Soulfro & | Shifted 6 – Number 6 in my series of journeys through Afro House.

I recently came across “Amu Classic & Kappie” and have featured them heavily at the start of this session…funnily enough they came out in that order and I hadn’t even noticed the artist.

Also pleased to feature a track entitled “Laas Geel” produced by my friend and fellow DJ Sema Garay – make sure to check it out later in the mix.

Other than that, enjoy the session. I will try and get a downloadable MP3 version soon, or no doubt someone will do a Youtube rip….enjoy the music, share the love xx


1 Bhanani Mavoko (feat. Hulumeni & Seshobala) Amu Classic & Kappie

2 Butterflies (feat. Sinny Man’Que & Distinctive Soul) Amu Classic & Kappie

3 Inhliziyo (feat. Caltonic SA & Sonkondlo) Amu Classic & Kappie

4 Love & Soul (feat. Sinny Man’Que) Amu Classic & Kappie

5 Ngiyazisola (feat. Soul Themba) Amu Classic & Kappie

6 Success (feat. Sinny Man’Que) Amu Classic & Kappie

7 Funk The Formula (Jose Burgos Afro House Mix) Koffee Paige (The First Floetress) & Hippie Torrales, Jose Burgos

8 Mazal (Main Mix) DJ Fudge

9 My Own (Original Mix) Simone Vitullo, Anton Jay

10 Hello, 3 Hours (Original Mix) 104 BPM

11 Laas Geel (Original Mix) Sema Garay

12 Afra MoBlack & M. Caporale

13 Lime Tree Gabriele Poso

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