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Can they be trusted?

I recently read an article written by DJ Andy Ward about the possibility of promotional music hosting websites (and in this respect, any service hosting website) inflating or “falsifying” it’s visitor numbers to get more money out of you.  For example, some services will charge you a premium depending on the amount of “plays” you get from site visitors or number/size of mixes you host with them.  The more visitors you recieve, the more of a premium you pay!

While I agree with him in principle about the falsely inflated numbers floating around the internet (a  lot of it is a sham),  I’m not sure about the companies, particular the major ones,  inflating visitor numbers to get more money out of you (although it would be an easy scam to pull).

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2 night’s the Night: A showcase of new talent on the Costa del Sol

Every-so-often I meet with people trying to do a little something for the love and not for the money. This is one such local project that I’m pleased to be part of. I’ve been asked to guest DJ and consult for a series of events happening to showcase some of the unknown talent that exists here on the coast.  The night will include live bands, singers, DJs and any other upcoming talent we care to throw at ya.  An eclectic evening of fun with friends and a chance to discover something new.

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Sy Sez & Tito Pulpo – Special Edition SOS LIVE Show (21st April 2011)

SHOW #11-14 – Sy Sez Special

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got London based Soulful House DJ Sy Sez into casa SOS for a special edition SOS Radio Show! We’ve been in touch for a loooong time now, we’ve been following Sy for a number of years as one of our favourite London based Deep & Soulful House DJs…and during a visit to Spain, we had the pleasure or welcoming him and his family – officially – to the SOS FAMILY.

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