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Thanks: For the love…of house

Tito Pulpo

April 17th, 2012

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Thanks for the love

American Beauties - Salute to da NJ Sistas

Greets peeps.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the SOS DJs for their (usual) superb music over the course of last Saturday. As some of you know on SOS Radio we like to get together and put on a full day of music every Saturday, basically FOR THE LOVE.  For the love of the music and for the love of the people.  Sometimes we get it together, sometimes we don’t.  But last Saturday was one of those “I love it when a plan comes together” kinda day.

Last year we celebrated the love given to SOS from our NJ Sistas, Mel and Hayds with a “Mel and Hayds special” and last weekend was it’s anniversary.  The DJs pulled together and from midday on Saturday afternoon to 3 am on Sunday morning we supplied live shows throughout the day.  Performances from London, Spain, Amsterdam and an outside broadcast LIVE from clubland, I believe it was a particularly special day.  Also from Amsterdam, bgi birthday celebrations.  Happy Birthday once again Lizzy x

Big big thanks from the bottom of my heart (you guys make me proud) goes out to…(in order of appearance)

Doc Love Supreme and his deep soulful house Spreadlove Show on SOS RadioStephen Adams aka Doc Love Supreme

SOS radio DJ,  resident at BeatPlayers, House of Rhythm and rising through the ranks being so new on the DJ circuit..You can catch the Doc with his Spreadlove show each and every Sunday afternoon from 4pm GMT on

Soul High with DJ MRcSpDJ MRcSp aka Mr VB59 aka Fresh Sweet & SexyGod.

Link to his session: and CSP brings you Fresh Sweet and Sexyness every Friday night from 8pm

Nike – Sparx : Mr Cabin Fever and motocycle owner extrordinaire

A very welcomed and regular guest DJ on SOS you can find a link to his session: or more of his mixes on

Body Fusion on SOS RadioMike Lights – Body Fusion super college boy 🙂

You can catch Mike alongside Paul Saviour every Sunday from 1-4pm (GMT) with the Body Fusion show

Soul SanctuaryStuart Mitchell  – Deep Soul Sanctuary Super DJ and DJ Grey (Pim – SOS Brother Amsterdam)

Link to his session:

And you can catch Stu playing live every Tuesday evening from 8pm with is Soul Sanctuary Show

TEMPO TWINS on SOS RadioDeanJay and Dave Law – The mighty TEMPO TWINS and their brilliant LIVE broadcast from one of their regular sessions from the Brickhouse, Brick Lane London

More on Tempo: and the boys play live every Wednesday evening with the TEMPO SESIONS

Big shout to the legend that is Sean McCabe for contributing to the session as part of TEMPO live from the Brickhouse and also to Brickhouse Resident and Mega “dude of dudes”, Pej.

For more info on Sean and his fantastic music (and I suggest you do) please visit

Not forgetting all the listeners / watchers / chatters …The madness that was Google Hangouts and all the laughs and fun along the way.   Thank you guys for all your support, not only this Soulful Saturday but since the beginning of time…the sharing, the caring and the music.  Proud to be part of this family that is SOS.

Big love and stay safe.

Tito and Dani x

American Beauties - Salute to da NJ Sistas

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