The Gospel According to Tito on BeachGrooves Radio, Marbella

“The Gospel According to Tito”: A Journey Through House Music

Hello, I’m DJ Tito Pulpo, and I’d love to share with you the essence of my radio show, “The Gospel According to Tito.” This is where my passion for house music comes to life, and I get to take my listeners on an unforgettable journey through deep and soulful rhythms.

Each episode of my show is a carefully crafted musical experience. I blend timeless classics with the fresh beats of today, showcasing not just my love for house music but also its rich, vibrant history. The title of my show is a nod to my approach: for me, house music is a gospel, a universal message of unity and rhythm that I share from my turntables.

Tito Pulpo on BeachGrooves RadioMy listeners come from all walks of life, united by their love for the beat. “The Gospel According to Tito” isn’t just for house music veterans; it’s also a welcoming space for newcomers to the genre. I’m proud to use my platform to spotlight emerging talents alongside well-known artists, giving them the recognition they deserve in the house music scene.

As my show continues to reach new audiences on various channels, my mission remains the same: to spread the gospel of house music far and wide. Every episode is a labor of love, a chance to connect with listeners worldwide through the power of music.

Join me on this soulful journey where each beat tells a story, and every episode is a celebration of the house music legacy. Tune in to “The Gospel According to Tito,” and let’s continue this beautiful dance of musical discovery together.

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