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The Power of Music Therapy – Alive Inside

Tito Pulpo

April 12th, 2012

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The Power of Music Therapy

People often talk about how much the LOVE music and there is no doubt that it influences us all in our lives every day. “For the love of house”, “Music is my life” and other phrases that “BIG UP” music float around every day of the week.

I’m a great lover of music…A GREAT LOVER and after coming across this video today I felt I had to share.  This video is one of those that you never quite know how it will hit you, until you watch it.  It’s inspiring, sad, happy, moving, invigorating and enlightening.  It may not change your life, but will show the potential of the power of music.

Big thanks to my friend and fellow music lover and DJ on SOS DJ Mr CSP for posting this beauty on Facebook.

I’ve often thought of music as a haven, a sanctuary…a place where you can find yourself once again in this world of madness.  Music therapy has always been a “theory” that for some inate reason I believe to be a powerful tool when dealing with many psychological problems we face in the world today.  I’ve not had much time to look into this a little deeper but this video has inspired me to search out a little more about the basic for my LOVE OF MUSIC.

This is the story of an old man who has obviously had that love.  Evidently it’s the one thing that stimulates his core being and reminds HIM, as well as the outside world, of who he is.

Check this out!

This is an excerpt from Alive Inside, a documentary about the Music and Memory nonprofit project, a film by Michael Rossato-Bennett. For more information about the filmmaker and the project, visit

I’ve often wondered why, throughout the world, music plays such an important part in anyone’s life.  Be it House, soul, reggae,  (like  myself), rock, pop, classical, jazz, eclectic (never really understood what that means) or what ever your rhythmic pleasure, music evokes more individual personal emotion like no other media I know.   Everyone’s overall musical taste is as individual as our fingertips.

I don’t know of any explanation why we all enjoy music in it’s different shapes and forms.  My one guess is that it’s from the womb…the beat of a mother’s heart as we first gain consciousness is the first thing form of stability that we experience that greets us…the soothing rhythm of that beat follows us as a memory when we first experience music and continues with us throughout our lives.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  It given me the inspiration to continue bringing as much music as I can to the world.

For more information about how Music and Memory can help elderly patients, or to donate an iPod (new or used), visit

The world premiere for Alive Inside at the Rubin Museum in New York City.

The screenings will run from Wednesday, April 18th to Saturday, April 21st. There will be 2 extra screenings on Saturday.


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