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Soulfro 2: AFROTECH

The Gospel According to Tito – Halloween special…

Greetings old and new visitors alike and welcome [back] to my website.  It’s been a while since I’ve put out a mix but I now think I am getting back into the swing of things…

I also now have the ability to record my daily sessions on YOUTUBE , so you can watch today’s session as well and hopefully we can get back to supplying your guys with some regular sessions.

ANYHOW, enjoy xxx


1. I Will Do Better – THEMBA (SA)

2. Shila (Pavi Remix) – BOG

3. Toukan (Trikk Dub Mix) – Manoo & Raoul K ft Ahmed  Sosso

4. I Will Do Better – THEMBA (SA)

5. Livid (Original Mix) – Severin Su

6. Put It On You – Tommy Bones, Lydia Rhodes

7. Buya (Original Mix) – Black Coffee feat. Toshi

8. Marvin (Original Mix) – Mulya

9. Jornie – Yotam Avni

10. Can You Feel It (Accapella) – Fingers Inc

11. Living in Space (Original Mix) – Kiko, Dave Davis feat. Phoebe

12. Velvet Afternoon (Karmon Remix) – Chicola

13. Jeopardized (Original Mix) – Fred Everything

14. Sunset (Accapella)

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Hi, I'm DJ Tito Pulpo and this is my blog. I'm a deep soulful house music DJ / Promoter based in Marbella, Malaga, Spain and attempting to bring the joy that music brings me to friends and strangers alike. Available for club / radio hire around the world.

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