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What DJ equipment do you use?

What DJ equipment do you use?

Tito Pulpo

February 17th, 2011

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It’s a question I get asked a fair few times.

  • What decks do you use?
  • Do you use any effects?
  • Do you need expensive kit to produce mixes?

Well my DJing arsenal is very basic to say the least. The pieces of kit producing the humble sounds of Tito Pulpo comprises of the following wonders of modern technology…

Pioneer CDJ 500s CD deck – On loan from a friend (Thanks Nike-Sparx) 🙂

Pioneer DJM-300 – Again n loan from the same friend

Stanton S250 CD deck

And that’s it.  Due to silly things like budgets, this is my lot for the mo.  While the mixing that comes out of it isn’t always perfect, the love of the music in me keeps me playing.  I hope it doesn’t ruin the music for you too much.

Tally ho…upwards and skywards…

Pics of the kit!

Pioneer CDJ 500s CD deck

Pioneer CDJ 500s CD deck - On loan from a friend 🙂

Pioneer DJM-300 mixer

Pioneer DJM-300 mixer

Stanton S250 CD deck

Stanton S250 CD deck - "1 one that fails the least"

Ground Control

Ground Control

Not sure why you’d want to (or even need to) know this…but I just wanted to demonstrate that you don’t need to spend a fortune on kit to get some decent sounds out.

On the other hand…THERE’S THIS!

Check out this little setup below…

2 x Pioneer CDJ2000

1 x Pioneer DJM2000

Pioneer Flagships and slowly becoming big club standard DJ setup

Pioneer CJD2000 - Pioneer DJM2000 setup

If you’re a DJ, what DJ equipment do you use?  Are you happy with it?  Will you ever be happy with it? Will we ever be satisfied.  As a gadet/music lover/DJ I know I’ll always be wanting more…


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